Seal-fx bioceramic sealer


Bioceramic-based root canal sealer

  • Ready to use / Pre-mixed
  • High Radiopacity
  • Bioactivity
  • Setting Expansion
  • Non-resinous / Eugenol Free

1 x 1g


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Why Seal-fx™ BC Sealer

A Faster set,
Fast and predictable set time of 4 hours

Dimensionally Stable:
Low solubility of 0.11% with a high washout resistance to stably seal the root canal for a long time.

Safe and Biocompatible:
Induces tissue healing and does not stimulate periodontal tissue, even when in contact.

Better Radiopacity:
25% more radiopaque than any other BC Sealer

Enhanced Aesthetics:
Free of Bismuth Oxide, our sealer does not discolor the tooth and guarantees a confident smile.

Removable even after setting with a general hand file or rotary file.

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