Lubricating agent for root canal

  • 10% carbamide peroxide ; 17% EDTA
  • Box of 2 x 2g
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Lubrigel is a chelating agent and lubricant for file used to soften calcification and aid in cleansing the root canal system.

• 10% carbamide peroxide ; 17% EDTA
• In conjunction with NaOCI, its effervescing action actively flushed out Pulp tissue and dentinal debris of the canal
• Smooth, gel-like thixotropic consistency help to stick onto files, making precise placement in the canal easy
• Improved tubular penetration of endodontic medication and filling material
• Easier penetration of the instrument, as Lubrigel decalcifies dentin by binding the calcium in an electronegative complex

Proper irrigation is essential to successful endodontic procedures. A chemically active irrigant, such as sodium hypochlorite, should precede probing and length determination, and should be used throughout the instrumentation procedure. Lubrigel should be used to lubricate the files. Not only does Lubrigel facilitate instrument movement, but also creates an effervescent reaction in the presence of NaOCI, which lifts dentinal debris coronally.