Etch Plus

Etching gel for enamel and dentin

2 x2 g syringes and applicator tips


SKU: RDP-CO2002 Category: User Instructions

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  • Etching of dentin and enamel prior to application of a total etch bonding system for composite restorations.

Features & benefits

  • Water-based 37% phosphoric acid gel compatible with all total etch bonding systems.
  • Available in easy-to-use syringe with fine metal syringe tips for precise controlled placement.
  • Ideal thixotropic viscosity prevents the acid gel from flowing onto soft tissue or adjacent teeth.
  • Rinses off easily and cleanly, leaving an easy-to-read frosty appearance on the enamel surface indicating it is ready for the bonding agent application.


  • Item #       – 2 x2 g syringes and  applicator tips