Comfill-m Nano Hybrid Composite is indicated for direct filling of class I, II, III, IV and V Cavities in anterior and posterior teeth.

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Clean the tooth to be treated and adjacent teeth with a brush and prophy paste. Select the shade using VITA Shade Guide. Prepare the cavity using conservative cavity technique No residual amalgam or other base material should be left in the cavity. Cover the area close to the pulp with hard setting Calstar-LC Light Cure Calcium Hydroxide paste. Apply Etch Plus  37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel for 15-20 secs. Remove Gel with vigorous water spray and rinse conditioned area for at least 10 secs. Blot dry conditioned area with a moist cotton pellet. Apply R-Bond dentine bonding agent with a disposable brush to the entire cavity. Ensure thorough wetting of the entire cavity.. Allow 20 secs air drying and re-apply another coat of dentine bonding agent. Remove excess solvent by gently drying with dry air for at least 5 sec to ensure uniform glossy surface. Cure adhesive for 20 secs using standard curing light. Remove Comfill-m syringe cap and dispense material onto a mixing pad. Place the material into the cavity using a suitable placement instrument. After dispensing, screw plunger should be rotated anti clock wise by half to full turn to release residual pressure inside the syringe. Contour the material in the cavity. Light cure for 20-30 secs using standard curing light. When necessary build in increments of 2 mm maximum using a layering technique. Shape and polish using standard technique